Friday, June 15, 2012

A long overdue project.

 We moved into the barnhouse about 8 years ago. I can't remember exactly when but it wasn't too much later that my baby sister gave me a flag pole. I have had in outside but never put a flag on it. So after some internet inspiration ( I honestly don't know if I saw something similar on etsy or pinterest) I finally "fixed" it up.  I apologize for not sending credit to the original website but unfortunately I have been saving ideas for a long time and never thought I would have a blog to link back to the inspiring creators.

Here is the before picture. Well, almost. The tractor used to be red and baby sister had painted our name on it to match but I wasn't putting any red on the flag and always like for the farming accents to be a little more subtle. So, I spray painted the entire thing black.

Now to work on the flag. I love burlap and had some leftover from a previous project. If I can make something without having to buy anything new or make a trip to town, I get really excited.  
I measured what size I thought I would want and hemmed up the sides and made a casing on the top for the rod to slide through.

Then I used my handy dandy sillhouette to cut a pattern for my monogram. The font was broadview and I stretched it to fill the page so that it could be as large as possible.

After it was cut on regular paper and I had ironed some wonder under on my selected fabric, I hand cut the fabric letter.

 Be careful with wonder under or any fusible webing, if it is not completely cooled down it is hard to seperate the paper layer from the fabric while leaving the adhesive. I pressed the O in the center of the flag and set up the machine to embroider under the monogram.

I also decided to zig zag stitch around the fabric because I wanted to make sure it would stay attached no matter what weather may come. (Please Lord, can you send some more rain for our corn.)
Next, I cut some vinyl letters for the face plate on the pole, put them on transfer paper and rubbed them on. Once I starting writing the steps for this blog it seemed like alot of work but it really went quickly and I was very happy with the results.

I also recently recieved a phone call from my mother-in-law who said, "I like your flag and I have this little pole for my garden....."  Say no more, I am on it, may even be an idea for some christmas gifts.

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