Sunday, August 26, 2012


My little sister came over for some help with a painting project and since it went so quickly, I pulled a switcheroo on her and she ended up helping me. The 2nd floor of our house was added on while I was pregnant with #4. I can remember my belly touching the ground while I painted baseboards. Needless to say, the decorating got put on the back burner. I saw a picture years ago and knew it was something I had to do. Since then I have seen similar ideas on pinterest.

This is the beginning. I found it beside the barn at my in laws house. It had several pine needles all around and maybe a spider or two. My sister insisted that I spray it with lysol and since she was helping me I decided to do whatever she wanted to get her to stay.
So, we hung it above the kids couch after scrapping some paint off the walls and striping some screws. I feel like it was all worth it. What do you think?

I made these canvases of the kids bestest stuffed animals for christmas last year.
Bacon & Moo


 Stole the license plates from my father-in-law. They have been placed behind a wood post of yet another barn.

 Who knows how old this is. It was packed away inside one of five boxes full of the plowboys tractors in the attic area. (We don't have a real attic.)

Scrapbook paper covered tin can.
On the other wall is my pinterest hack!
I named my kids perfectly, just so that I could have this one day. And in some of the photos you can see my ombre (just learned this word) wall. I love the wall and am glad I did it, but it was alot of taping and moving and brush rinsing and measuring. I intentionally picked colors that we would not outgrow or get tired of.

This is what their playroom looks like now.

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  1. I love it!! Especially the prints of their stuffed animals. I'm going to try canning your pizza sauce today - wish me luck. :)