Friday, August 10, 2012

Y'all, They don't know I'm famous.

I could just jump up and down and scaaarem out loud! I've been pinned. Seriously, it was a goal of mine to have any of my creations pinned on pinterest. I was so hard-core serious about it that I would not let my sisters or friend (the only two people I told about the blog) "pin me." I wanted to truly earn it. Within 24 hours of linking up to some fab linky parties, someone pinned me. How stinking awesome is that? I even had a few comments. So then I go to work (I am a part-time xray tech at a local clinic) and nobody knew I was famous. They were all "Cand,y can you grab this xray and draw this patient's blood." I mean sure I guess so but you do realize I have a picture of my seed sack purse on Pinterest, right? I guess life goes on. I will still vacuum the carpet, change diapers, and cook for my crew but I hope they realize how important I am. I have followers! In all seriuousness though, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for everyones kind comments, followings and pins. I hope to keep you coming back to inspire and entertain you as ,much as other bloggers have done for me. Hang in there as I learn the proper blogging etiquette and feel free to make suggestions. I have had one request for a give-away. I belive it was something about a clutch. You have been heard (shout out Ms. Diane) and your idea is being processed!

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  1. I'm so excited to see you've started your blog - we've been hoping for the last year that you would. You have such a MEGA talent! Thanks for sharing with us mere mortals. I repinned your bag from another that like cousins? I'm a pinner twice removed maybe? :)

    Looking forward to more great projects and, of course, the clutch giveaway. Beautiful clutches!!