Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dining Room Table Redo

It's going to be hard to say what will be more of a struggle for me. Taking good pictures or using gramatically correct writing. In fact, I have already retyped that last sentence several times. So peeps, just hang in there.
     A few months ago I got crazy and stripped my dining room table. I bought my table, end tables, coffee tables and entertainment stand over 8 years ago, when we moved into the barnhouse, at a furniture outlet. It was a big step up for me considering that I had a post- it pad under my last table to keep it steady. It is a big farmhouse table and I liked the style but was getting sick of the "orangeish" finish.

Sorry bout the sunlight thru the blinds. Please nobody tell my photographer friend.
 So I called our local paint supply store (insert shout out for Bubba and The Color Shop) They recomended some chemicals and I went to slathering them on and hollerin' for the kids to "back up, stay away, no no mommy make a mess." Y'all, that varnish or whatever it was,  was some tough stuff. So I ran into the attic and found this old circular sander of my grandads. It was doing the trick but was not very user friendly. You want to know why? It was a metal grinder with a worn out pad. So when I put a fresh pad on it, the table was almost turned  into a tooth pick. OK then back to town to borrow a friends real circular sander. Nah, not tough enough. When nobody was looking I got the grinder back out and finished that table and even beat it along the side for a more worn look. Careful in the center though. That table has wood sides with a veneer center. See how much I am learning! Anybody interested in the finished product. I certainly was about 6 hours later.

Now some of you may wonder (cough ,my father-in-law, cough) why would anyone strip a perfectly good table.
UMMM cause I like it.

So let's review what we have learned.
1.  Do not let the kids sniff laquer thinner.
2. Not all wood tables are solid wood
3. Metal grinder with worn out pads GOOD... new pads Bad
and a bonus 4th lesson
If you promise your 14yrd old neighbor boy pancakes he will help you move your table in
and out of your house as many time as you want.

Now doesn't this look like the perfect table for a plowboy and his herd?

P.S. No one was harmed in the resoration of this table!
Addendum: My father-in-law has seen the dining room table. Do you know what he said? "Is this a different finish?" Yep, that's it. Here is another lesson from this table project. 5. Don't make assumptions. Shame on me. WOW. This table just keeps on giving.


  1. The table redo looks fantastic! You did a great job and I still wonder where everyone finds the time to do all these great things and blog. :)

    I love how the bench and chairs match so nicely with the new finish.