Saturday, November 3, 2012

We had a blast!

Less than 6 hours before we  were to leave, I was diagnosed with kidney stones. WHAT? I have never had stones or symptoms before, but sure enough I passed a stone at work and they found 2 more in a catscan.  Am I concerned for my health? UHHH No, I am leaving for the fair tonight or bust. So one shot and a few pain pills later. I was packing my almost already packed bags. I needed to assits the plowboy in a field transition one final time before I left town and kiss them babies. Momma had to roll on.We stayed with my sister the first night to break the trip up and we made it in time for bed even though we had a missed turn which included driving the wrongway up a one way ramp. (Sorry honey, normally we are more cautious.)
 Finally we arrived. This is how it looked at the entrance. The park is, as promised, nestled amongst the stone mountain and trees. We had purchased the early bird tickets and felt like it was the right decision as we passed thru the crowds that were standing in line.
 Just a few snapshots from around the park.

 I thought this was a wonderful idea. This lady used quilts as frame mats.

 This booth was by modern june. I had to buy some of her oilcloth and laminated fabric. She has an etsy store for anybody interested. I am not sure what I will do with it, but maybe there will be a post in the future.

 Little clutches made out of scanned vintage patterns.
 This lady had tons of recovered antique furniture. Definately not the standard reupholstered funeral home furniture that my mother in law used to produce.
And Yes, my BFF had to have a cupcake. I however opted for brown sugar almond icecream and both our hands were full by then so no photos. Sorry.

There were several things that I did not get pictures of because I was so fascinated with looking around and about half way through the booths I realized that photo taking could also be viewed as idea hacking. OOOps. MY FAVORITE BOOTH was Selina Vaughn Studios. She uses ..... wait for it.... Vintage Seed sacks to make...... come on guess..... Purses. So I had to tell her husband (from L.A. which ran her booth for her) that I love/hate them. Her purses are awesome!!! They were not entirely from seed sacks but were pieced on them and accented with brown leather. Seriously, they were FABULOUS. She also has an etsy store. Check it out.

And I thought it was super cool that they had several tents sent up to check bags so that you did not have to carry everything around. UPS also had a tent. Why carry it at all? Go ahead and ship it home. Now we know why these people can run a magazine. Business Brains. Very very smart idea. And there it is, the country living fair from my nutshell. Stay tuned for more photos from the trip. People we were in Atlanta. We don't go to Atlanta without going to IKEA.

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