Saturday, November 3, 2012

We might have bought a few things.

This was the vehicle at the end of the first shopping day.
At the end of the shopping trip. I literally had to roll a back window down to get a bottle of water because we could not open any doors.
 I bought this stool at Garden Ridge and the hubby is gonna cut the top off and weld on an antique tractor seat that we bought 2 years ago for my workspace.
Bought this at a good will. It was honey oak and I had to spray paint it to match of course but it fits like a glove and replaces some plastic shelves that were bending under the pressure. I wish they had two of them. I love that it has several short spaces because I like things divided into perfect little categories.
These little handy dandy containers we 60% off at Michaels and thus I purchased 6 of them. After I called Steppy D and had her measure my desk. Perfect fit. Thx to my lovely assistant. I have also been wanting a comfy chair for my guest to come in and hang out while I work. So once again, Steppy D to the rescue. Not only did she babysit the girls but she drug the glide rocker into my sewing room and sent me a video of shots from around the room so that I could estimate if the new chair would fit. It's perfect!
This is a before shot.
And after. Don't it look cozy?  I love it.  I do need to spend a little more time decorating the shelves but I'm not exactly HGTV and I am trying to teach myself to be patient.
 I hope to make a pillow for the chair that matches soon. This is one that I have made but not sold yet.
I couldn't exactly get a close up of the shelf since my room is so small but here it is. $95 from the as is section at Ikea and the only flaw I can find is the dent I put in it myself trying to get to the check out line.
So my little barn house just gets a little more perfect everyday! Ok not everyday but everynow and then. On a day to day basis, it gets trashed, but I LOVE IT!


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